What is my coin worth?
As of 8 Sep 2004
A coins value depends on several things.  Most important are date and mint, condition, and market need.

To determine what your coin is worth:

- Determine what the coin is. Compare to coins listed on Russian Coin World and other sites listed.

- Determine the condition of the coin using this guide. The better the condition the more it is worth.

- Look at some of the sites here to see what coins similar to yours are selling for.

- Also check ebay to see what the coin has sold for in the past.

- Check a local coin shop or library for a world coin book with relative values of russian coins.

Once you detemine what they have sold for and are listed for sale currently, you still need to know how much of a demand there is. Some collectors are willing to pay more for coins they really want while other coins listed as rare are in abundance and not desired enough to get book value.

Check Google for other sites with details on a coins value.